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Visa and Permissions
How can you help me to get a visa?

A letter of invitation is issued solely for the purpose of assisting participants with visa applications and/or obtaining funding for their attendance at the conference. Such a letter does not imply any financial obligation on the part of the conference organizers. If you require a letter of invitation, please register and pay for the conference. Once the payment has been made and received, please email a request to with a copy of your passport for issuing the invitation letter. The Conference Secretariat will be managing invitation letters for the meeting but will only be able to respond to queries if an invitation request has already been completed online.

Do I need a visa to attend the Conference, and if so, can the Conference Secretariat help me with my entry visa application?

If you are unsure whether you need a visa to attend the conference, please check with your local embassy or travel agent. If you do, it is essential that you begin the process as soon as possible, in order that you obtain your visa in time for the conference or registration deadline. Subject to certain conditions, we can provide a standard invitation letter to assist you with your visa application. We do ask though that you submit your own application to the relevant authority and follow up accordingly. Unfortunately, the Conference Secretariat is unable to follow up on your application on your behalf or enter into correspondence directly with consulates.